Exterior Wax
(Newer Coaches)

$20.00 per running foot

We use a specialized technique to bring an amazing finish back to newer coaches that have a fading finish. Includes washing roof, awning, body & windows and dress tires.

Clear Coating

$50.00 per running foot

This service is for coaches that no longer hold a shine. Includes washing roof, awning, body & windows and dress tires.

Painting and Striping

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Unfortunately, vinyl striping can crack, peel, and fade due to environmental exposure. In time, the elements can literally destroy the vinyl striping as well as the exterior finish on the coach.

Full Body Paint

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Looking to bring a fresh new look to your custom coach? We provide full service painting to bring a custom look to any rig.

Fiberglass Repair

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Whether due to road debris, small dings or wild parties - accidents can happen. We can make it look like new.

Wheel Polishing

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Increase the value of your coach by bringing the bling back to life. Wheels are the first thing people often see when looking at a coach. We can make your's shine!

Armadillo RV Detailing Painting and Striping
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